Case Studies

Woodfield School (London)

WoodfieldSchoolinside  Deckinginstallation  Finisheddecking  Steps  Finishedclassroom
We completed a modular school build. We carried out 660m2 of flooring, over 1000m2 of wall coverings, studwork alterations, roofing, joisting and many other elements. Also some additional works after the main build.

RAF Lakenheath

IMG_2726pro  IMG_2725crpro  IMG_2720crpro
Hired by a large main contractor (we are now a preferred joinery contractor) we were instructed to carry out the entire second fix on 3 and 4 bedroom apartments, 27 in all, together with some communal works and framing work to the roof. We had to maintain full security procedures while accessing and leaving the base, as well as following strict rules and regulations whilst working. Works carried out were 30 min and 60 min door sets, kitchen installation, sliding wardrobes, roof works, oak skirting, architraves, and ironmongery. Also, maintenance on pre-installed doors and many other miscellaneous items.
FACT – If we laid out the skirting board in a straight line, it would cover more than 2 miles.

Western House (High Wycombe)

Mendy Street flat 01   Mendy Street flat 03  Mendy Street flat 04  Mendy Street flat 05
Working alongside the main contractor, we converted a disused office block into 23 modern apartments. The works involved the doors, skirting, architraves, kitchen installation, bathroom vanity unit and shower enclosures, bath panels, ironmongery, various roof works, window installation, fencing and bin stores. We were commended by the estate agents marketing the property, to which the workmanship was of such a good standard they could market the properties for 10% more than the original value set out before completion. Not only pleasing our client’s needs, but achieving a high level of satisfaction upon completion from all parties.

Feering Hill (Essex)

FeeringHillpartroof  FeeringHillroofcorner  IMG_2364

Recommended by a local builder, we carried out a very complicated hand cut roof on an extended house with almost every cut imaginable in roofing carpentry. A very testing but rewarding project completed on time, and in a safe efficient manner. We received high praise from the building inspector and had gone above his expectations in the quality of the framing and strength of the roof.

Smyths Toys
We carried out the second fix on several new store locations throughout the country whilst on tight deadlines for nationally marketed store opening dates.